Always take care of certain things while writing down an essay

Remember that whenever you sit down to write you essay your first goal should be to make your introduction effective and influential. Keep in mind that it’s the introduction of your essay that can grab your reader’s interest on the very first glance. Always begin your essay with techniques that can attract your reader. You can begin with some question, a surprise statement or some famous quotation; all these things will raise you reader’s desire to read your essay further. If you think that you got a strong point and that will suffice than you’re wrong because apart from everything at first you need a solid intro.

Use Figurative Language and Employment of Literary Devices:
If you want to make your essay effective you need to learn about employing figurative language and literary devices in your essay. With the help of strong language, conceits, metaphor, similes, personification, alliterations, and hyperboles you can take make your simple sentence much more effective not only for the reader but for your own self. In simple words if you know the art of using language in a figurative way it is the first sign that you’re a good writer and you know how to manipulate words to make your writing beautiful.

Paint some Picture or Image
Painting an image or picture through your words may take some time but remember when you’re able to convey your emotions through your words it means you’re successful in painting something through them. Descriptive words, sensual words and metaphorical words are the tools which can help you paint picture through your writing.

Finish your Essay on a Cliffhanger
Finishing your essay on a cliffhanger doesn’t mean to leave it uncertain up to the very end or to finish it on suspense. It means to cover all the possible arguments of your topic and leaving some possibilities open for opposition and further developments. Consider this a paradoxical ending for your essay but remember that such essays are very much influential to capture reader’s interest. In your writer’s cliffhanger you can finish your essay on some idea for reader to ponder upon, you can end on some question, quotation or some twisted thought. This will make your essay memorable and attractive till the very end.

Although you will end your essay on cliffhangers remember to keep it simple and short. Never indulge complexities at the end of your essay. Try not to exceed the last passage of your essay from 4 to 5 lines. If your essay is long you can give a brief summary of it at the end and then can write your own stance and riddle to make it attractive. Make your thinking synthetic to produce a catchy ending because most of the readers only read the introduction and ending of writings to grapple with the main idea. So, employ all of the above mentioned techniques to make your essay worth reading and worth commending.

Taking Essay Exams the Right Way

Producing a good and commendable essay needs synthetic thinking and requires churning out content that can then be synthesized into one big whole in 20-30 minutes. Since it is not possible to brainstorm your mind in such a short span of time, you should prepare yourself long before your exams with the help of these tips:

Check Old Papers: Looking at the past papers can help you understand the psyche of your teacher. Study them deeply and ask yourself whether they demand theoretical application, or it is about some historical event. Is there any contrast or comparison of different theories? Did you have to prove some point? All these questions will help you prepare for your exam. Focus on the past papers again and again and try to comprehend on what point does your instructor lays his emphasize. Focus on the major ideas of your course they will also help you be prepared for your exam.

Practice/creative writing: If you want to be a good writer practice writing on a daily basis. It will not only help you be creative but will also allow you to enhance your vocabulary. Try to jot down a summary of theories and topic from your course. You can also write short description of historical events.

Focus on clarity and conciseness: Remember that the key to a good essay are clarity and conciseness. Never work on an idea if you’re not clear about it because no matter what kind of language you use it will be a waste of time. Similarly, brevity matters a lot try to say more and more in lesser words. Stick to your topic and avoid using irrelevant ideas because it can leave a bad impact on reader’s mind.

Learn quotations, historical events, names, dates and facts: Always try to remember these things because you will require them in your essay to support your essay.
Keep your ideas well organized: Keep in mind that the knowledge you have on your topic will just be a part of the process of essay making. You will be needing a good deal of time on the organization of or ideas. For Instance: If there is a question which asks you to compare and contrast between the traditionalism and modernism support your answer with 2 examples:

The key points of your answer will be:

• Evolution of both the theories
• A brief introduction of the theories
• Their contrast and comparison
• Your point of you about them with examples

Many students get panicked on seeing their exam sheet due to which they rush into writing and can’t perform well on the paper. Avoid this and take a good deal of time before writing down anything. For any question, write down all the info you have in your mind, and read the instructions of your desired question carefully to avoid any mistakes. Organize your points in your mind and make a small outline of them on paper to save your time. Always try to make an influential argument by a clear point of view, proper evidence and logical progression.