Taking Essay Exams the Right Way

Producing a good and commendable essay needs synthetic thinking and requires churning out content that can then be synthesized into one big whole in 20-30 minutes. Since it is not possible to brainstorm your mind in such a short span of time, you should prepare yourself long before your exams with the help of these tips:
Check Old Papers: Looking at the past papers can help you understand the psyche of your teacher. Study them deeply and ask yourself whether they demand theoretical application, or it is about some historical event. Is there any contrast or comparison of different theories? Did you have to prove some point? All these questions will help you prepare for your exam. Focus on the past papers again and again and try to comprehend on what point does your instructor lays his emphasize. Focus on the major ideas of your course they will also help you be prepared for your exam.
Practice/creative writing: If you want to be a good writer practice writing on a daily basis. It will not only help you be creative but will also allow you to enhance your vocabulary. Try to jot down a summary of theories and topic from your course. You can also write short description of historical events.
Focus on clarity and conciseness: Remember that the key to a good essay are clarity and conciseness. Never work on an idea if you’re not clear about it because no matter what kind of language you use it will be a waste of time. Similarly, brevity matters a lot try to say more and more in lesser words. Stick to your topic and avoid using irrelevant ideas because it can leave a bad impact on reader’s mind.
Learn quotations, historical events, names, dates and facts: Always try to remember these things because you will require them in your essay to support your essay.
Keep your ideas well organized: Keep in mind that the knowledge you have on your topic will just be a part of the process of essay making. You will be needing a good deal of time on the organization of or ideas. For Instance: If there is a question which asks you to compare and contrast between the traditionalism and modernism support your answer with 2 examples:
The key points of your answer will be:
• Evolution of both the theories
• A brief introduction of the theories
• Their contrast and comparison
• Your point of you about them with examples

Many students get panicked on seeing their exam sheet due to which they rush into writing and can’t perform well on the paper. Avoid this and take a good deal of time before writing down anything. For any question, write down all the info you have in your mind, and read the instructions of your desired question carefully to avoid any mistakes. Organize your points in your mind and make a small outline of them on paper to save your time. Always try to make an influential argument by a clear point of view, proper evidence and logical progression.


The key of successful descriptive essay

There are many types of the writing projects you can be assigned with during your study at the University. Some of them are designed to reveal your point of view on several matters, some of them are written to check your understanding of the subject, and some of them are assigned in order to teach you to describe events, people or other things.

Every writer of fiction is trying to convey his view and understanding of the world to the reader. Every reader is trying to imagine the events or persons he is reading about. This technique –descriptive writing can be acquired by writing of the descriptive essay.  Mainly it follows the common rules for essay writing, with a few peculiarities of its own. The main point of the descriptive essay is to illustrate   some events, people, subjects or things to such extent that the reader can imagine vividly the description you are trying to convey. Before you start writing this type of the essay you should think what are trying to write about. Whether you would like to start writing about some events, portray a person or describe some things you should always understand why the subject of your description is important.

One must realize the description should not only portray the subject, it must also convey the perception of the environment that surrounds this particular subject. Such features as location of the subject, unique and distinctive features of the environment as well as your association with the object of the description should be clearly stated. It is important however to remember that whatever you describe you must create interesting appealing and attracting text, where most of the distinctive features of the subject should be emphasized and stressed. Try to avoid generalissimo as much as possible, try tom be meticulous to the details and specific features of the surroundings.

In spite of the fact that in terms of the writing styles, content and conveying this type of the essay stands out form other ones, it has one important common element with other types of the writing assignments –clear, coherent and logical structure.  You might certainly start with generalities –an indispensable prerequisite of the introduction, yet you should be more specific in your text –the body of the essay and your essay should contain conclusion of the main points stated in the descriptive essay. Certainly these are just of the tips on how this type of the essay should be completed, however if your follow these important rules you will be bale to complete the essay that will meet the main criteria set by current colleges and universities.


Writing an Essay Using Different Poetry Terms

The first term is alliteration. This is the repetition of initial consonant sounds in words. Poems often use alliteration to add to the tone such as a dime a dozen or sing the song of sixpence.Another term is foot. A foot in poetry is the smallest repeated pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a poetic line. Some terms linked to foot are iambic, anapestic, trochaic, dactylic, spondaic, and pyrrhic. All of these are related to the stress on syllables. An important term people relate to poetry is rhythm. This is the ordered or free occurrences of sound in poetry. Many people enjoy creating rhyming words in a poem. Many children’s books use rhyme to capture the young reader.

Some poems do not rhyme. A free occurrence of sound is called free verse. This is based on irregular cadence with different phrases, images and not the conventional use of meter. A famous poet known for free verse is Walt Whitman. Consider these lines:

“All truths wait in all things

They neither hasten their own delivery nor resist it,

 They do not need the obstetric forceps of the surgeon.”

These lines gently flow without any type of rhyming words. Many people today use free verse when writing poetry. Another type of poem that is a long narrative poem is called the epic. Many instructors assign epics as part of their courses. Epics record the adventures of heroes such as Iliad and Odyssey, and Aeneid.Some people enjoy a lyric poem called the Elegy. An example of this type of poem is the “Funeral Blues.” There are many different types of poetry to be enjoyed depending on what an individual enjoys reading or writing, whichever may be the case.Another important term in poetry is stanza. This is a division of poetry named for the number of lines it contains. For instance, two lines is a couplet. Three lines is a triplet. This continues. Eight lines are called an octave. Verse is naturally an important term and can be defined as a metric line of poetry. It is named according to the kind and number of feet it composes. A verse with one foot is a monometer and continues with Dimeter, Trimeter, Tetrameter, Pentameter, Hexameter, Heptameter, and Octometer. Quite simply, a verse can have a number of feet.

Poetry has many different terms and it is important to understand the terminology of poetry to understand a poem. What is recommended is to check the meaning of different terms and read about these terms. There are so many different terms that it can be quite confusing, but the Internet has many sites that define these terms and explain how they are used. Poets use many different techniques to capture the reader. When writing poetry it is important to understand the different terms. However, writing poetry can be as simple as putting a few words together in free verse or it can be as complicated as Shakespeare. Even though poetry may seem to have so many terms, poetry is loved by many people. Instructors enjoy having students write about various poets. When writing an essay about poetry, take a few minutes to learn the terms and understand how these terms affect the poem. Read the poem out loud. Listen to any rhymes, alliterations, etc. How many verses are used? Are there any symbolic language? Answering these questions will help the reader understand the poem better and be able to write about the poems in essays.


The challenges of essay writing

Various polls and surveys among high school and college students have repeatedly shown that essays are considered the toughest assignments among those the students have to handle during the years of study. A why question faces rather common answers such as “I hate writing” or “Writing is too difficult to be fun”. However, is the explanation really that simple? The expression of one’s thoughts in writing is a challenge in itself: we learn to speak first, and writing is a skill acquired in an older age and demanding certain conscious efforts to master it. If children do not become interested in writing when at elementary school they will probably dislike it for the rest of their life wincing at essays, book reports and term papers. Therefore, the problem with essays starts when they have not even become an integral part of the studies.

Many people lack confidence when they need to express their thoughts on a piece of paper. All of a sudden it seems like the brain has been immobilized. “The idea of establishing an essay writing company came to me when I recalled my college years and the hard times I had with writing essays,” says Dim Zboryk, ProfEssays President. Apart from the inability to document one’s own ideas in a well-structured way, students also have gaps in their grammar knowledge which influence the orthography and punctuation of their written works. “Even if I write out what I think I’m pretty sure the essay will have so many spelling mistakes it’ll be no use anyway,” confesses Jasen from California, one of the students we polled.

Therefore, we can see that essay assignments are not merely “boring” for students: those who have to write them haven’t been taught to do it properly and lack the confidence necessary to produce a strong piece of writing, not merely paraphrase what the others said before. After repeated failures some students even acquire a psychological complex and simply do not believe they are able to write a good essay.  “I believe that all students should be required to take a special course in essay writing so that they feel more comfortable with it,” says Roger Green, a ProfEssays writer. “After all, everything comes with practice,” he adds.


Different types of essays

There are several different types that custom essays can be of, for example descriptive, cause and effect, argumentative, literary and literary analysis, and others. This article gives a brief description for the last three types as well as points out how the type of an essay should be considered in topic formulation on example of an argumentative essay topic. The main aim the author may have writing an argumentative essay is to state his/her own opinion, thesis or belief, persuade readers in its validity providing a balanced view, meaning both pros and cons of the issue discussed in an essay. In order for a custom essay to fully meet customers requirements, the topic of the essay should be carefully and precisely formulated. An argumentative essay topic should be precise and narrowed down, include the argument and provide a possibility for verification on validity and reliability of statements. Examples of an argumentative essay topic: It is argued that amount of time a student spend preparing for an exam directly related to the grade he/she gets, Pink is commonly associated with girlhood and widely used for baby apparel for girls, etc. In the literary analysis essays the author discusses a particular literature piece, which can be a play, novel, poem or story, etc. This discussion is guided by custom essay topic and subsequently writers thesis, which states specific connection between authors own critical evaluation of the topic and the literature piece. The author should also support personal arguments and statements with citations from the literature piece. Finally, the literary essay type is quite like a literary analysis essay, in which an author also evaluates the literature piece. However, for this type the author pays more attention to the context, specific details of the story being evaluated. As well as he or she cares about the structure and how to present the evaluation for the reader to fully understand all specifics the author is discussing.


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